Spring Air Mattresses (Rosemary)

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  • Separated coils; Spring Air Rosemary mattresses with pocket coils provide your body with a comfortable sleep. The pocket coil handles your body weight separately that provide the proper support & comfort for the body curves & to the cordial spine.
  • Three supporting zones (Medium supporting): The more supporting zones in the mattress, the greater comfort & supporting for your body. Spring Air Rosemary mattress include 3 supporting zones to support your back curves.
  • Spring Air Rosemary mattress has turning handles for an easy rotation.
  • Mattress height: 25 cm.
  • No. of coils/m²: 254 coils.
  • Shell; Spring Air Rosemary mattress’s shell is 100% Pure cotton. In addition to being antibacterial shell.
  • Stuffing layers:
    -  Soft foam layer 1.5cm Density 20.
    -  Multi Density foam layer.
    -  Cotton layer 500 kg/m2.
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