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Savoy Pillow (Medium)

The Savoy Pillow is allergy-friendly, easily adjustable, it's neither soft nor firm; but rather well balanced (medium-firm).
It has a unique character that combines the silky feel of the memory foam with the fluffiness and the support of the fiber balls clusters.

It stays "gentle and cool" through the night, to provide you with the deep and comfortable sleep that you deserve after a busy day.

Continental Comfort - Savoy pillow is balanced, comfortable, durable, and easy to wash, so you can keep it fresh and clean all the time

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Shredded Memory Foam and fiber Cluster Pillow (Savoy Pillow):

Continental Comfort's Savoy pillow is made with your Comfort in mind.

The pillow is made of a mixture of shredded memory foam and fiber ball clusters (40% memory foam, 60% fiber balls); which gives you a balanced and relaxing feeling.

This well-developed mixture of loose filling makes the pillow easily adjustable to help relieve any pressure on your neck.

The cover is made of cotton for cooler nights and better comfort.

Continental Comfort's Savoy pillow comes with its advantages:

The pillow is breathable; as it allows air circulation within the whole compartment; which keeps it cool and dry all night.

Hypoallergenic; so, you can enjoy your sleep without worrying about allergies.

Antimicrobial; the synthetic filling mixture prevents microbes and bed bugs from growing on the pillow, providing you with better hygiene standards than all other natural filling pillows.

The pillow comes in four different heights /sizes;
a- Medium height Queen Pillow (900 grams).
b- Medium height King Pillow (1200 grams).

And last but not least, the Savoy pillow is recommended for anyone who sleeps on their back or sides and prefers not to sink in the pillow (medium-firm).


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