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Poly Soft Mattress Topper 5cm

Unique 3D baffle box construction

Filling distributed evenly – allows free movement – filling lofts in full

This continental comfort poly soft mattress topper is one of most important products for luxury sleeping ‎,‎ it can be used on top of any mattress to provide comfort & proper support for the body curves & the spine‎.‎

Continental COMFORT mattress toppers enhance your sleep quality

It is filled with luxurious loose hollow silicone poly soft fiber‎.‎

Moreover‎,‎ You will experience a wonderful feeling as if you are sleeping on natural feathers ‎.‎

Give it a try and get some deep comfortable sleep that you've never had before‎!‎

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A must-have supplementary mattress topper: Can be used on top of any basic
mattress to provide the proper support & Comfort for the body curves & the
•Enhances your sleep quality by increasing your body's ventilation; which will
effectively reduce the tossing and turning while sleeping, and provide a
comfortable deeper sleep experience every day.
•Wonderful feeling of sleeping on feathers mattress: This mattress is filled with
luxurious loose hollow siliconized fiber clusters.
• Enjoy the 5 stars hotel sleep experience at your home: The mattress topper is
one of the main reasons that provide you with the comfort & luxury
of the hotel bed.
•Machine & dry wash up to 60.


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