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Fiber Flat Mattress Protector

Fiber Flat Mattress Protector

Because the Basic mattress is considered a long-term investment, the mattress

protector is a necessary product to protect your mattress, and increase its life


Continental comfort fiber mattress protectors are filled with premium polyester

fiber; to present you with luxurious comfort.

Continental comfort's mattress protectors are a must for a long life span to your

basic mattress.

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• Continental Comfort's fiber mattress protectors are filled with fiber sheets with

white shells.

• Filled with premium polyester for luxurious comfort.

• Hypoallergenic.

• Comfortable & crisp.

• Protects your mattress, and extends its lifespan.

• Easy to apply, and gives a better shape.

• Easy to care for; Machine and dry wash.

• Available in two styles:

- Flat; with an elastic anchor on all four sides.

- Fitted; Continental Comfort's fitted mattress protector is designed with deep

pockets (drop) of 30 cm 11.8”, with elastic anchors on all four corners; to fit

your mattress, and stay in place.

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