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Continental Comfort Waffle Bathrobe

Continental Comfort Waffle Bathrobe

Egyptian cotton; “The White Gold”

Enjoy the luxurious towels, made of genuine Egyptian cotton. The cotton is planted on the banks of the Nile River, handpicked, carefully woven by Egyptian hands, and then dyed in a selection of the most beautiful, fashionable colors in the world at the best dye houses. The towels are made of the best materials that would please you and ensure your Comfort.


We merge the Egyptian cotton with the best dyeing materials and Continental Comfort’s quality; to produce the softest towels, with high absorbency levels.




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  • PURE EGYPTIAN COTTON: passionately grown on the banks of the Great Nile, characterized by longer smoother fibers, and better comfort properties, these unique characteristics directly enhances the quality, durability, handle, softness and lustrous of yarns, to present the most superior cotton on the planet made with a continental comfort quality
  • Eye pleasing colors: Continental Comfort bed linen is available in basic colors & fashion colors to give you the chance to mix and match your favorite colors.
  • HIGH DENSITY:  that enhances liquid absorption, softness to the skin, it also increases durability even with heavy usage.
  • FASHIONABLE EYE PLEASING COLORS: Continental comfort towels are available in the latest fashionable colors in the world to please your senses.
  • COLORFAST DYEING: continental comfort only use the best dying houses, best materials, the cost is not our major concern, quality & style comes first.
  • DON'T COUNT ON PICTURES ONLY: kindly read specifications carefully, many online suppliers present high quality copied pictures for low price items, please pay attention to accreditation (ISO, Oeko Tex, Egyptian cotton council..etc), compare specs.

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