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Continental Comfort Serenity (Medium)

Continental Comfort Serenity (Medium)

The widest mattress collection in Egypt.


Continental comfort provides you with the widest mattress collection;

to match your budget, and fulfill your healthy & comfortable sleep



Types of mattresses: connected coils – separated coils- without coils.


Heights: from 20 cm up to 35 cm.


Stuffing layers: foam- fiber – cotton- latex- memory foam.


Support zones: one- three- five or seven support zones.


Shells: cotton- blended – polyester.


Firmness: Firm- Medium- soft.


All these options give you the flexibility to choose the most suitable

mattress for your needs and budget.

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Continental comfort Serenity (Medium)

• Memory Foam;

Continental comfort's Serenity mattress

It includes two layers;

1- Memory foam layer (6 cm): this layer is made of a pressure-

sensitive material; which will mold quickly to your body's shape to help

minimize stress on your back.

2- Foam Layer: density 26.


• Shell:

Continental comfort's Serenity mattress’s shell is made of double

knitted blended cotton; which offers a long lifespan, and beautiful

designs on the mattress.

• Basic support (one support zone);

Continental comfort's Serenity mattress includes one supporting


• Mattress's height: 22 cm.

• Stuffing layers:

- Memory foam layer H 6cm

- Foam Layer H 14cm/ D 26


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