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Continental Comfort Unwind Memory Foam Mattress soft

Continental Comfort Unwind Memory Foam Mattress soft

The widest mattresses collection in Egypt.

Continental comfort provides you with the widest mattress collection

to match your budget, and fulfill your need for healthy & comfortable



Types of mattresses: connected coils - separated coils - without coils.


Heights: from 20 cm up to 35 cm.


Stuffing layers: foam - fiber - cotton - latex - memory foam.


Support zones: one or three or five or seven support zones.


Shell: cotton - blended - polyester.


Firmness: Firm - Medium - soft.


All these options give you the flexibility to choose the most suitable

mattress for your needs & your budget.


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CHC unwind memory foam mattress (soft)

• Pocket coils;

CHC Unwind memory foam mattresses with pocket coils provide your

body with a comfortable sleep.

The pocket coils handle your body weight separately; which provides

the proper support & comfort for the body curves & the spine.

• Memory foam layer:

This mattress contains a memory foam layer that is made of a

pressure-sensitive material which will mold quickly to your body's

shape to help minimize stress on your back.

• One support zone (basic support):


CHC Unwind mattress contains one support zone.


• CHC Unwind mattress has turning handles for easy rotation.


• Mattress height: 28 cm.


• No. of coils/m²: 400 coils.


• Shell;


CHC Unwind mattress’s shell is double knitted blended cotton; which

offers a long lifespan, and beautiful designs on the face of the

mattress, in addition to being an antibacterial shell.


• Stuffing layers:


o Memory Foam Layer 6 cm.


o The foam layer's density is 3.75 c


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