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Best Bed Mattresses Galaxy

Best Bed Mattresses Galaxy

The widest mattresses collection in Egypt.

Continental comfort provides you with the widest mattress collection to

match your budget & fulfill your healthy & comfortable sleeping needs.

Type of mattress: connected coils – separated coils- without coils.

Heights: from 20 cm up to 35 cm.

Stuffing layers: foam- fiber – cotton- latex- memory foam.

Supporting zones: one- three- five or seven supporting zones.

Shell: cotton- blended – polyester.

Firmness: Firm- Medium- soft.


All these options give you the flexibility to choose the most suitable

mattress for your needs & your budget

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Brand Best Bed
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Best bed Galaxy mattress.

· Connected coils;

Connected coils mattress is an advantage with a reasonable price

with high durability even with heavy usage.

· Shell;

The best bed mattress shell is double knitted blended cotton which

the advantage with a long-life span & designs on the face of the


· One supporting zone (basic support):

The best bed mattress contains one supporting zone.

The more supporting zones in the mattress, the greater comfort &

support for your body.

· Double-sided;

The best bed mattress is double-sided & can rotate that increases its

life span.

·  Best bed mattress has turning handles for easy rotation.

·  Mattress height: 28 cm.

·  No. of coils/m²: 125 coils.

·  Stuffing layers:

Fiber layer 400 gm/m².

Foam layer .5 cm.

Non- woven layer.

Memory Foam layer 4cm.

Foam layer density 28, 2cm.

2 Felt layer 800 kg/m², density 3ml.





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