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Best Bed Mattress (Star-medium)

Best Bed Mattress (Star-medium)

Best bed Star


Connected coils




Double knitted polyester


25 cm

No. Of coils/m2


Turning handles


stuffing layers 

  • Fiber layer, 300 gm/m2
  • Foam layer 1cm
  • Non-woven layer
  • Foam layer density 25, 2.5 cm
  • 2 Felt layer 800 kg/m2, density 3ml
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Brand Best Bed
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Best bed medium mattress.

• Connected cols;

The Connected-coils mattress is highly durable; even with heavy

a usage, and it is an advantage at a reasonable price.

• One support zone (basic support):

The Best bed mattress contains one support zone.

The more support zones in the mattress, the greater comfort &

support for your body.

• Double-sided;

The Best bed mattress is double-sided & can rotate, which increases

its lifespan.

• The Best bed mattress has turning handles for easy rotation.

• Mattress's height: 25 cm.

• No. of coils/m²: 117 coils.

• Shells:

The Best bed mattress shell is double knitted blended cotton; which offers a long lifespan and beautiful designs on the mattress.


• Stuffing layers:

Fiber layer 300 gm/m².

Foam layer 1 cm.

Non- woven layer.

The foam layer's density is 2.5, 25cm.

Felt layer 800 kg/m², density 3ml.




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